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The KENO Micro-Fund Launches Global Partnership With School In Ghana.
Monday, 26 April 2010 00:00


ATLANTA, GA April 26, 2010 – Today Adrienne Lance Lucas President of The KENO (Kid Entrepreneurs Need Opportunities) Micro-Fund announced a partnership with the Community Children’s Center in Ghana, Africa. The partnership will give young entrepreneurs in Ghana the resources to start their own businesses.

The KENO Micro-Fund promotes financial literacy by helping young entrepreneurs in the United States develop their bright ideas into real business enterprises. A portion of the profits generated from Keno sponsored businesses will be used to offer micro-loans to students at the Community Children’s Center who are members of the Curious Minds club. The pilot program is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2010.

The partnership allows The KENO Micro-Fund to begin fulfilling its global mission of having an impact on reducing world poverty and creating legacy wealth.

“Ownership fosters personal and civic responsibility,” said Lance Lucas. “We know that by giving young people the financial support and guidance necessary to start their own businesses, we are building a legacy of self-sufficient individuals and strong global communities.”

The announcement appropriately comes during Financial Literacy Month. In addition the global partnership, The KENO Micro-Fund is also set to launch its business boot camp in the summer of 2010.

Atlanta Businesswoman Adrienne Lance Lucas and her eleven-year old son, Keno Lucas, founded the KENO Micro-Fund. The organization fosters, grows and nurtures businesses formed by Kid Entrepreneurs. Kids are naturally gifted with bright ideas and the ability to think beyond the realm of everyday possibilities. The KENO Team believes that it is important to ignite these bright ideas. In doing so the youth of the world gain a real and applicable understanding of financial literacy, legacy wealth creation, and business stewardship that could change the world for good.

Global children and women’s rights advocate, Marilyn Amponsah Annan is the patron of the Community Children's Center’s Curious Minds Club. The purpose of the program is to help make Ghana's citizens aware of issues related to children's rights. Among the Center’s empowering activities is a student produced radio broadcast.


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