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The KENO Foundation Billionaire Bootcamp Launches New Businesses in Georgia
Wednesday, 21 December 2011 20:58

The KENO Foundation Billionaire Boot Camp Launches

New Businesses in Georgia

Young Georgia entrepreneurs gain the skills and support necessary to launch successful businesses

Atlanta, GA November 21, 2011 – On Saturday, November 19, 2011, The Kid Entrepreneurs Need Opportunities (KENO) Foundation hosted the Second Annual Billionaire Boot Camp for Global Entrepreneurship Week. The event held in partnership with Frederick Douglass High School and Mays High Schools gave young entrepreneurs lessons in financial literacy, business development and social entrepreneurship from a global perspective. As a result of the training, dozens of students are prepared to move forward in forming their businesses.

“We were extremely pleased to be able to host a Global Entrepreneurship Week event again this year,” said Adrienne Lance Lucas, President and Co-Founder of the KENO Foundation. “The Billionaire Boot Camp was phenomenal. The students from both Frederick Douglass and Mays High Schools were outstanding.”

The KENO Fund empowers young entrepreneurs to form successful businesses by arming them with business and financial literacy training and encouraging them to maintain a central focus on social responsibility. Founders Atlanta businesswoman Adrienne Lance Lucas and her 13-year old son, Keno Lucas are dedicated to making a national and global impact by offering financial literacy training throughout the U.S and abroad. Over the last year, KENO training has been offered to young entrepreneurs in Arizona, North Carolina, Florida, California, Washington, D.C. Virginia and Delaware. Their global impact has reached Ghana and Ethiopia where KENO entrepreneurs not only offered training, but also participated in community relief and volunteer activities.

The recent Billionaire Boot Camp was held in Atlanta, Georgia where the foundation is headquartered. Local elected officials and community leaders attended the event to encourage young entrepreneurs.

“I found today to be very healthy! It's encouraging to know that a young man [Keno Lucas II], and his mom and family have chosen at such a young age to run the numbers and think outside the box in terms of entrepreneurship in the African American community,” said Atlanta City Councilman Clarence T. Martin, “This is a missing ingredient. The KENO project is diverse in so many ways and introduces a skill and talent bank right now and for the future.”

“I see this event as an outstanding start that will truly change the face of business in Atlanta for generations to come,” said Atlanta City Councilman Kwanza Hall. “All we have to do is figure out a sustainable mode that will empower partners, teachers and community volunteers to create environments where young people; such as the entrepreneurs we see today; will have the opportunity to try out their ideas in a safe and supportive environment.”

“The Douglass High School Community is so excited to partner with the Kid Entrepreneurs Need Opportunities Micro-Fund as we both work to expand the educational experiences of high school students in the areas of business and entrepreneurship,” said Douglass High School principle Dr. Thomas Glanton. “This is a natural fit with the goals and mission of our Business and Entrepreneurship Academy. We know we are about to embark on something big.” 

“The opportunity to partner with KENO expands the creativity and dreams of students who have the desire to pursue and build their business,” said Mary Harris, Entrepreneurship Academy Leader at Frederick Douglass High School. “I am excited about the learning opportunities to be gained from exposure to global business leaders and other students with the same interests. At Frederick Douglass High School we seek to provide a world-class education and Global Entrepreneurship Week will be a wonderful engaging activity for students. 

The winner of the business idea competition was Jonathan Williams. The young CEO of If the Shoe Fits gained invaluable insight on marketing his fashionable foot ware to youth. 

“I submitted my idea because I wanted the chance to offer shoes for kids with larger than average feet,” said Williams. Most places have a very small selection, and they are not very stylish, I will design and offer a wider variety and meet this missing need in the marketplace.”





About The KENO Micro-Fund

Twelve-year old Kid Entrepreneur, Keno Lucas II and his mother, Atlanta businesswoman Adrienne Lance Lucas founded The KENO (Kid Entrepreneurs Need Opportunities) Micro-Fund. The organization trains, grows and nurtures businesses formed by young entrepreneurs. Team KENO believes that when young people have a real and applicable understanding of business principles, financial literacy, legacy wealth creation, and business stewardship, they can begin to eradicate poverty and can change the world for good. For more information visit

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