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KENO Fund President Adrienne Lance Lucas travels to Haiti on Humanitarian Mission.
Monday, 26 April 2010 00:00


Apr 26, 2010 – ATLANTA, GA (January 21, 2010) - On Friday, Atlanta based commercial real estate developer Adrienne Lance Lucas will join a delegation to Haiti led by the Red Cross and Antioch Baptist Church of Atlanta.  The mission is focused on offering sustainable economic support as well as humanitarian support to the troubled nation.

“I believe that even as the rubble is being cleared away, now is the time to begin focusing on self-sustaining economic growth,” said Lance Lucas.  We are going to help local Haitian organizations rebuild an orphanage, a school and a health clinic that was started by Antioch Baptist 12 years ago.”

The now demolished facilities once provided essential academic and medical support to Tapeo a community of about 8,000 residents just outside of Port Au Prince. 

Lance Lucas founded the Keno Fund the first micro-lending fund exclusively for kid entrepreneurs.  She hopes to use the tools of micro-lending to help Haitians take ownership of their own recovery and economic stability.

Lance Lucas continued, “We have committed to rebuilding these vital institutions in partnership with Haitian organizations not on behalf of Haitian organizations.  The best chance that Haitians have at a prosperous economic future is relying on their own strength and not fleeting foreign aid.”

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