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The Founders
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ADRIENNE LANCE LUCAS, President and Co-Founder of KENO Foundation, Inc. believes that if youth around the world learned financial literacy and business skills, poverty would be eliminated.

As Principal and Chief Operating Officer of ICG Real Estate Advisors, LLC, she helped the company grow from $0 to nearly $75 Million in only 18 months with the company’s first fund, Inheritance Capital Group, LLC.  ICG Real Estate Advisors currently holds over $200 Million in managed assets.

After earning a B.A. in economics, cum laude from Spelman College and an MBA from Harvard University, Lance Lucas returned to her home state of Minnesota to work as a financial analyst for General Mills, Inc.  She advanced quickly and gained valuable experience in marketing, sales, corporate finance, and earned a reputation for being a solid manager and exceptional developer of people.  As a testament to her outstanding performance, in 1993, Lance Lucas was the youngest person in the company’s history to date to receive the coveted Chairman’s award for customer service based on her work in reengineering the administrative functions within National Sales Division.

Adrienne is passionate about financial self-sufficiency, business and children. She has published a children’s book entitled, Before You Arrived which is dedicated to her eleven year old son, Keno. Lance Lucas is a proprietor of her own destiny and enjoys sharing her vision with kids across the globe.

“We know that by giving young people the financial support and guidance necessary to start their own businesses, we are building a legacy of self-sufficient individuals and strong global communities. “

Adrienne Lance Lucas
President, KENO Foundation, Inc.



Keno Lucas II, like thousands of 3 year olds, loved to draw, color and paint. His mother, Adrienne Lance Lucas like thousands of encouraging mothers framed Keno’s artwork throughout their home. The story of Keno’s art takes a twist because the young artist also has the spirit of an entrepreneur. By the time he hit the ripe old of age of 5, Keno was selling his art on his very own website

Today 14 year-old Keno like other boys his age enjoys playing basketball, soccer and video games. However, his early entry into business taught him that all play with no work does not make a successful businessman. Motivated by a desire to help his friends understand how he successfully grew his business, Keno joined forces with his mom also an entrepreneur. Together the mother son team co-founded KENO Micro-Fund.

“Owning my own business has taught me to be smart about managing and growing my money. I don't think you are ever too young for those lessons.”

Keno Lucas II
Co-Founder, Foundation, Inc.

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