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About KENO
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Kid Entrepreneurs Need Opportunites Foundation, Inc. (KENO) fosters, grows and nurtures businesses formed by Kid Entrepreneurs. Kids are naturally gifted with bright ideas and the ability to think beyond the realm of everyday possibilities. We at The KENO Fund believe that it is important to ignite these bright ideas.  In doing so we begin to teach the youth of the world financial literacy, legacy wealth creation, and business stewardship that could change the world for good.

HOW IT WORKSThe KENO Fund raises money to distribute to worthy kids ages 10-17 as they acquire lifelong business and financial skills. To succeed in business, you must start with something; desire, knowledge and capital. We teach enthusiastic kids the value of ethical business practices, planning, money management and accountability .We also understand that sheer will does not give an aspiring businessperson money to buy supplies. Dollars are distributed to teams and individuals in the form of awards and or micro oans.

Cash awards are given to winning teams and individuals with the best business plans and other demonstrations of business proficiency. Micro loans usually begin quite small, some are just $25 and are granted to teams and students who have been paired with mentors and met additional criteria.  As kids show success with small loans, they have opportunities to expand their businesses with larger loans, up to about $500. When these micro loans are paid back with interest, funds are made available to others who need financial assistance.We believe that when kids have a steady source of income, they prove to be more responsible. In countries outside of the United States, children can afford to address their basic needs including attending school. Instead of living day-to-day, they are able to assist their families and can plan and save for the future.


KENO's mission is to assist youth in building international business networks, provide unparalleled business and financial literacy training to youth 15-25 and become the premier funding source for kid entrepreneurs around the globe.


  • We believe that the KENO Fund is the world’s first micro-lending fund of its kind, exclusively for kid entrepreneurs.
  • We believe that kids are a natural fit within the micro credit framework due to their inability to secure capital from traditional lending sources (ie. a bank).
  • We believe that there are a number of kids with incredible ideas who deserve to be funded and if we fail to exist their dreams of owning their own business may cease to exist.
  • We believe that we can teach kids basic financial knowledge and concepts pertaining to applying for a business loan, micro-lending, credit, interest and accountability to support a micro-lending model.
  • We believe that developed countries like undeveloped countries have segments of the population who can institute peer accountability in the financial industry.
  • We believe that the youth of today will support other youth across the globe in ending poverty by becoming self sufficient.

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